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For immediate response 24 Hours a day/ 7 Days a week call 1-513-349-0039

Fire Restoration Immediate Action:

Immediately after you experience a fire there are certain tasks that must be handled quickly and professionally. The first of those is to board up all windows and doors to protect your property from further damage and protect yourself from liability.

We work with licensed certified technicians who will respond on site and work with the fire department, police and other emergency officials to ensure you are protected.

Quickly Board Up Windows & Doors

Protect Your Home From Further Damage:
Exposing your home to the elements increases repair costs & lengthens the time it takes to restore your family’s lives back to normal. Protect your home within one hour with the most trusted emergency Board Up service in the nation.

Protect Yourself From Liability:
Once firefighters leave the fire scene, the “Bicycle Brigade” inevitably arrives…kids, exploring through the rubble of your home. The courts call this an “Attractive Nuisance”. It happens nearly every time & means instant fire liability Issues for you & dangerous Conditions for local CHILDREN. Don’t be at risk! Just call us, and we’ll be there in one hour to help protect you!

Over The Next Few Days:

After the initial emergency situation has been properly completed and your home and property secured your thoughts turn to the future. There are two types of services you may need support with.

Fire restoration includes stabilizing any building structures, drying of any water and repair / reconstruction of the home or building.

Here are a list of common fire restoration services we offer:

Structural Stabilization
Structural Drying
Kitchen Remodeling
Roof Tarping
Emergency Power
Structural Shoring

Fire Damage Assessments
Fire Damage Repair
Structural Design
Disaster Services
Home Renovation

Fire restoration services are all about cleaning and removal of the effects of smoke and water damage. At the moment you first see your belongings and the interior of your home, you may fear all is lost. It doesn’t have to be in most situations.

Many items can be fully cleaned and restored to their original beauty and functionality with fire restoration services.

Common fire restoration services include:

Removing Smoke Damage
Cleaning Soot Damage
Disaster Cleanup
Insurance Restoration
Temporary Fencing
Restoring the Effects of Fire Damage
Shrink Wrap Services
Art Restoration
Furniture Restoration

Fire and Water Damage
Flood Damage
Water Clean Up
Roof Cover
Upholstery Cleaning
Smoke Damaged Clothes
Fire Damage Restoration
Water Restoration
Disaster RestorationType your paragraph here.